Why One Woman Put On a Full Face of Makeup During Labor

pregnancy-makeup-artist-square-w352If there’s one thing we’ve heard about childbirth, it’s that it can be one of the longest experiences a woman will ever go through in her lifetime. Obviously when it’s all said and done, you’re rewarded with a wonderful gift, but there’s generally a lot of time to kill between getting to the hospital and go time.

Which brings us to beauty blogger Alaha Karimi of @MakeupByAlaha, who’s now going viral for how she chose to pass the time during the course of her 10-hour labor. She decided to put on a full face of makeup—cat-eye and all. Her sister photographed the process and uploaded the shots to Instagram, which documented Karimi setting up a complete makeup station on her bedside food tray.

“I was pausing during contractions and picking up where I left off once the contractions passed,” she wrote on her Instagram. When contractions became too much for her, her loyal husband even stepped in to help contour. (Side note: Are there BF-training courses for that, because, um, #relationshipgoals!)

Considering how painful and prolonged labor can be, we can understand why she’d want to do something she finds familiar and soothing in order to distract herself. Karimi also made sure her doctor approved of it, and advised others to do the same. “As long as your doctor is OK with it, cake that foundation on and enjoy your day!” she said.

Naturally, this being the Internet, Karimi’s photos began garnering attention and started racking up likes and comments by the thousands. Much like the gym, some argued the maternity ward ought to be a sacred space where women shouldn’t feel pressured to have to wear makeup. But overall, most cheered her on. “Screw the haters…you go girl!” wrote one user. “I would totally do this!” wrote another

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