Why You Need to Try Serum Foundation




If it hasn’t been clear, the Makeup.com team is pretty much obsessed with finding the ultimate foundation formula. We’re always looking out for the latest and greatest color-matching technology, ingredient additions, skincare benefits, and coverage options. And, up until recently, we believed we had covered all of our bases in this arena. We thought we knew it all, found it all, tried it all, and then it happened: We struck gold serum. Enter the superhero of makeup and skin care — serum-infused foundation.

 What It Is

Serum-based foundation is just that! Unlike the heavier feel of traditional foundation textures, a serum-infused foundation offers an ultra-lightweight feel without skimping on coverage. And because they’re pumped with anti-aging benefits and hydrating ingredients, they go above and beyond simply covering imperfections, and actually work to correct them over time.

The YSL Youth Liberator Serum Foundation, for example, is infused with their Forever Youth Liberator Serum and Color Tune-Up Complex to visibly brighten your complexion while offering 24-hours of hydration. So, you can say goodbye to flaky skin!

Why You Need It

Instead of covering imperfections like a Band-Aid, why not give your skin a fighting chance with a formula that will actually improve them. If you’re one to wear foundation daily — guilty — this seems like a no-brainer. The fluid consistency makes it look and feel like your own skin, but better! And since you only need a drop or two, a little goes a long way. You can finally say goodbye to having to restock your foundation stash every month or two

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