The Parfect Lip Shade For Every Skin Tone

a49184d4e9d8618998b98fa35ebb3d73Nude, by definition, is giving the appearance of nakedness. But when it comes to a nude lip, you actually want a hint of hue, not full-on bare. So, how do you choose the perfect shade of nude for your coloring? With so many options, choosing the right match can be a bit overwhelming. We turned to a few experts to find out how to make a nude lip pop against every skin tone.

“Everyone’s interpretation of a nude lip is different. Some like a pale lip while others like a more pigmented look,” explains Joel Canales, Director of Artistry at Hourglass. “I personally like a lipstick with pink or brown undertones, as these most closely blend with your natural lip color.” He suggests trying one of the six shades from the Hourglass Femme Nude Lip Stylo collection ($30) (a BB favorite, try number 6!), and then adding a similarly-hued gloss if you’re looking for big, shiny lips.

Chantecaille Global Makeup Artist Fernando Cadavid says: “Nude lip colors are the perfect accompaniment for stronger eye looks or simply used as a naturally soft, feminine, and romantic accent to more understated makeup.” Here, he breaks down the best nude for every skin tone:

Fair skin tones should opt for neutral soft pink, light dusty rose, soft peaches and very gently nude corals… avoid beiges or creamy warm colors. Try: Lip Stick in Agave ($36).

Fair yet warmer skin tones should choose soft pinks, light caramels or rosy beiges. Try: Hydra Chic Lipstick Fairy Moss ($36).

Medium-warm tones should select creamy warm, yet light, bronze beiges or light brown caramels to compliment the natural warmth of the skin. Try: Lip Chic in Sari Rose ($36).

Medium-neutral tones should select dusty rose or cooler mid tone nude-pinks. Try: Lip Stick in Narcissia ($36).

Deeper skin tones tend to be a bit more challenging when selecting a nude lip that perfectly compliments, but one helpful rule is: As the skin tone gets deeper, lip formulas should be sheerer and glossier.

Deeper skin tones that are cooler or neutral should select pink-toned nudes or soft beiges with a hint of golden berry. Try: Hydra Chic Lipstick in Willow ($36).

Deeper skin tones that are warmer, opt for soft creamy caramels with subtle golden beige reflect. Try: Hydra Chic Lipstick in Trillium (36).

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