See How Kaley Cuoco Covered Up the Wedding Tattoo She Now Regrets

kaley-cuoco-divorce-tattoo-cover-up-w724This morning, Kaley Cuoco opened up about her divorce from former tennis pro Ryan Sweeting on The Ellen DeGeneres Show (see what she had to say about it here!), and also spilled a few details about her new tattoo.

The Big Bang Theory star got a moth tattooed just below the back of her neck to cover up existing ink of her wedding date (December 31, 2013) in Roman numerals. She revealed details in a lighthearted (yet extremely candid) conversation with Ellen about it: “The [wedding] tattoo was a mistake. I had to cover it, I had to cover it with the wings, which I think turned out OK,” she said. But what prompted her to choose a moth in the first place? “People do butterflies but why a moth? What’s the significance?” asked Ellen. “Because it was big enough to cover the numbers…the wings. Big wings,” she joked. “It’s just what I picked out when I was there.”

Not only is it awesome to see Cuoco able to joke about the topic during such a difficult time (on national TV no less), it’s a reminder that it’s so not worth beating yourself up about a tattoo you no longer like. Should you still weigh the potential regret about getting a permanent tribute to a significant other? Well, yes. Justin Bieber can also speak to that—he now has a shaded-over portrait of Selena Gomez on his arm—but in the end, you can always cover it up

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